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Residential Services

Adult Residential Recovery Center (ARRC)

ARRC is a residential level II treatment program for adults whose substance use is causing problems, i.e., physically, emotionally, and spiritually for them. The program provides the client with at least 31 days of intermediate residential substance abuse treatment. Trained professionals render services 24 hours per day.

Women’s Residential Program

Women will live and receive intensive and comprehensive treatment in a therapeutic environment. Providing support to each other in recovery sets the stage for life beyond treatment. Through a variety of therapeutic options, the women will learn healthy and recovery skills. They are also provided with the opportunity to address trauma and other mental health issues.

Shelter Care

Shelter Care is a 12-bed unit that is co-ed for children ages 10-17 years of age. Providing Temporary Placement for a minimum of two weeks, or as assessed by the Program Supervisor. The program implements a daily schedule that includes daily activities including educational enrichment, physical activities, life skills, support groups, recreational activities, and excursions. The program works in partnership with the support team, which can include Mentor, GAL, Case Manager, Legal Guardian, and whoever is involved with the child’s care.