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Stewart-Marchman-Act (SMA) Behavioral Health Services, Inc., the local provider of comprehensive quality mental health and substance abuse treatment services for more than 50 years, announced today the launch of a new name in an effort to improve their brand identity. The organization will now be known simply as SMA Healthcare. This name change will be reflected in their new logo, and domain name (

The name SMA Healthcare represents the evolution of the agency, which has grown to nearly 900 employees as a result of multiple mergers and acquisitions over the last decade. This growth necessitated the organization’s strategic restructure in 2016, placing an executive manager in each of the four counties served – Flagler, Putnam, St. Johns, and Volusia. Soon thereafter, administrative offices were relocated to increase available outpatient service space in Daytona Beach, allowing for consolidation of East Volusia outpatient services on the agency’s original site at 1220 Willis Avenue. This location is now home to a primary health clinic, as well as treatment of mental health and substance use disorders.

While the reputation and equity built under the previous moniker is a valuable asset, the new name more accurately reflects the organization’s complex array of services and geographic reach.

“Over the past 50 years, we’ve grown in scope, size, and region of service,” said Ivan Cosimi, SMA Healthcare CEO. “Our market research indicates that evolving our name is the appropriate strategic move for us. It is important that we represent our services accurately as we pursue new avenues of funding to support our service array, and that we remain easily identifiable in the minds of our clients and our community.”

This effort embodies an organization that is reinventing itself, but is still very committed to its community behavioral health roots. SMA Healthcare will build upon its history of excellence, service, and quality care, while keeping the door open to future opportunities.

“Our commitment to the community we serve will not change,” said Cosimi, “there is incredible potential to grow. Our efforts to accurately represent the services we provide will position us for those opportunities.”

Following suit, the Stewart Marchman Act Foundation, a single purpose foundation that has supported the efforts of the healthcare agency since 1997, will now be known as the SMA Healthcare Foundation.