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SMA Healthcare Receives Additional Grant Funding for Putnam County Opioid Response


DAYTONA BEACH – SMA Healthcare (SMA) was recently selected to receive up to $635,000 in sub-award funding under the Rural Responses to the Opioid Epidemic solicitation, released by the Institute for Intergovernmental Research (IIR). SMA is one of 21 programs that will receive funding as part of this grant from IIR. The grant award period began in January and will end September 30, 2021.

“This grant opportunity will broaden SMA’s ability to bring opioid prevention and education to the Putnam community,” said Lynda Tarus, IIR grant program director for SMA. “Furthermore, the grant will strengthen SMA’s presence in the healthcare community to link individuals to much-needed opioid treatment services.”

The Institute for Intergovernmental Research (IIR) is a Florida-based nonprofit corporation specializing in criminal justice (law enforcement focus) and homeland security issues. IIR has a proven history of promoting greater efficiency and effectiveness among local, state, tribal, and federal criminal justice agencies through customized services. IIR is a highly experienced team of professionals equipped with the knowledge and ability to respond to the needs of justice agencies

The Rural Responses to the Opioid Epidemic Initiative is co-funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the State Justice Institute (SJI).

SMA, Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, Palatka Police Department, Putnam County Schools, Putnam Community Medical Center, Azalea Health, Putnam Fire/EMS, the Seventh Judicial Circuit of Florida in Putnam County, and the Putnam County Health Department will participate as a subcommittee of the Putnam County Behavioral Health Consortium collaborating to plan, develop, and implement grant-funded activities with the goal of identifying, responding to, treating, and supporting those impacted by the opioid epidemic in Putnam County.

“SMA, through the Putnam County Behavioral Health Consortium, has developed and maintained strong working partnerships with many community organizations,” said Nancy Russo, vice president of Putnam County services for SMA. “We are happy to once again partner with the leaders in these fields to bring services to the residents of Putnam County.”

“The magnitude of the players willing to come to the table to execute this grant speaks to Putnam County’s dedication to bettering the lives of its residents,” said chief operating officer Rhonda Harvey. “SMA is committed to continuing these partnerships.  The additional funding the IIR grant provides will enable more Putnam County residents to seek and receive needed treatment and services.”

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