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SMA Healthcare: New Name, Same Game


Our team at SMA Healthcare is very excited to introduce our new website to the communities we serve and to those who seek our services. Our rebranding efforts have been taking shape over the last year, with the website being the latest in those efforts. This is what the interested public will now be seeing; however, internally, we’ve been hard at work changing our various locations’ signage, implementing new staff uniforms and updating all the other business documents that are required when you go through an official name change.

I am most excited that, as part of our website deployment, we’ll be introducing a regular blog that will be used to provide the community with the information and knowledge that rests with our incredible team here at SMA. The biggest strength that SMA can boast loudly is the strength of our team of professionals that we have assembled. They take pride in helping others achieve their personal goals of wellness. These professionals have countless years of experience in assisting thousands of people reach recovery and become the individuals they aspire to be. The blog will highlight our staff’s experienced knowledge and be a tool for those who seek our care or strive to improve.

What’s key to know is that our rebrand in no way changes our focus. SMA Healthcare improves lives through exceptional substance abuse and mental health services. We envision communities where all individuals living with addiction and mental health needs, find hope, healing, and recovery. Our values are: Service (to elevate services to others above self-interest); Integrity (to act in a professional, responsible and trustworthy manner at all times); and Excellence (to strive for continuous quality and performance improvement). We’ve been serving in this manner since we were formed in 1961, and will continue to do so for many years to come.

— Ivan Cosimi, CEO, SMA Healthcare