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How You Can Contribute

You can make an investment in your community in a variety of ways and we will work with you to meet your personal giving strategy. Many choices are tax-deductible, and we encourage you to consult with your tax advisor to determine which way of giving is best for you.

Planned Giving
Memorial & Tribute Gifts
Gift of Appreciated Securities
Real Estate
Long Term Investments

Are you interested in planned giving? If so, click HERE


Donations can be made on a one-time or recurring monthly basis and can be attributed to our general fund or earmarked for any one individual fund which will support various programs run by SMA Healthcare.


Make a Donation to SMA Healthcare

Memorial and Tribute Programs provide an opportunity to remember family and friends’ in a unique way. You may wish to consider this type of gift to SMA Healthcare Foundation to celebrate a loved one’s birthday, graduation, or another special occasion.

A tax deduction for a gift of securities (corporate stock, bonds or mutual funds) may be greater than a cash gift, provided your base (the amount you paid) is lower than its current appreciated value.

By giving real estate you avoid the difficulties of selling property and paying capital gains taxes. Our research must indicate that we can sell the property.

Trusts can be established where you as a donor can receive income during your lifetime and at the same time provide income to the Foundation. Various trust gifts allow donors to receive a major tax-deduction for establishing charitable trusts. Please consult your legal and financial advisor.