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SMA Healthcare Announces Addition of Three New Board Members


SMA Healthcare is pleased to announce the addition of three new members to its Board of Directors – Mike Martin, Gary Norman, and Andre Fleming II.

Martin and Norman are joining the Board of Directors after both serving on The Centers Board of Directors previously – this move is part of the merger. Norman serves as a Financial Advisor for Raymond James, while Martin is the owner of Central Florida Steel Buildings in Ocala.

“Bringing Mike and Gary over from The Centers board, following the merger, is going to be important as we aim to continue serving the community in Marion County,” said CEO Ivan Cosimi. “These additions reflect the reach and broaden the perspective of our service array.  I look forward to their advocacy on behalf of SMA as we strive for excellence.”

Fleming II currently serves as the Public Information Officer/Community Liaison for the Port Orange Police Department. He hopes to be part of the team that is providing assistance to those who need it most in our communities.

“Having another member on our board from the law enforcement community is crucial to the work we do,” said Cosimi. “I know Andre will be able to help strengthen our partnerships and give us more insight as we work to provide necessary services to the individuals we see every day.”

All board members will begin their terms immediately, and will serve a two-year term.


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