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The Volusia County Crisis Stabilization Unit and Detoxification Services is a short-term residential facility for individuals dealing with a mental health and substance abuse crisis. Individuals receive medication appropriate to their needs, individual and group counseling, and discharge planning toward the next appropriate level of care.

Crisis Response Team

Our Crisis Response Team cares for individuals of all ages in Volusia and Flagler counties who are feeling depressed, alone, suicidal, or bullied. If you or someone you know is feeling or experiencing any of these issues, they do not have to go through this alone. We can help and are here for them 24/7. We encourage any individual who needs our help to call our Helpline at (800) 539-4228.


BEACH House is a shelter that provides short-term respite for youth ages 10-17 who are truant, ungovernable, or runaway, and/or homeless. We provide youth in our care with shelter, meals, individual, and group counseling, educational groups and family therapy. Our goal is family reunification and assisting the family in building communication skills and relationships.


Residential Adolescent Program is a substance abuse treatment program serving youth ages 13-17 with an average length of stay of 4-6 months. Therapy is an important ingredient in treatment, along with positive peer culture, reality therapy, outdoor therapeutic model, experiential learning theory, and behavior modification systems. During their stay, education services are provided by Volusia County Schools.


DeLand Men’s Residential Treatment Program (DMRT) is a substance abuse treatment program accepting both voluntary and involuntary clients experiencing a wide variety of substance abuse and/or dependence issues. DMRT provides a structured atmosphere, promoting self-awareness through individual, group, community-based therapy, and psychiatric intervention.

My Place w/Supportive Housing

SMA Healthcare’s Supportive Housing Program provides a safe, sober, and supportive living environment for the chronically addicted who are homeless and who are living in unsuitable environments. Because SMA Healthcare’s recovery homes operate at capacity most of the time. a referral network has been developed with other supportive housing options in the community.

Substance Use and Mental Health Outpatient Therapy for Adolescents and Adults

MH Therapy (OP):

Serves adults who have a mental health diagnosis. Therapy targets symptoms management, coping skills and improving healthy relationships and quality of life. Services include individual therapy, group therapy, individualized treatment plans and treatment plan reviews all provided by a master’s level therapist. Based on individual preference, family participation in treatment, family educational and counseling services are provided to support the family and quality of life. 

SA Therapy (OP):

Adult Outpatient is for adults 18 years old and older who are participating in DUI, drug courts, probation and voluntary. AOP Services provide individual therapy, group therapy, individualized treatment plans and treatment plan reviews all provided by a master’s level therapist. Family participation in treatment is encouraged, and family educational and counseling services are provided to support the family in the recovery process. Outpatient services allow the individual to remain active with work, family and the community while they participate in treatment.

Adolescent Therapy (OP):

Adolescent Outpatient Program services include individual therapy with family involvement. Treatment is specifically directed toward repairing relationships, reducing impulsivity, developing social and life skills, and providing treatment interventions for the youth to remain substance-free. The clients served, receive comprehensive clinical services, which include SA evaluation, treatment planning, group and individual therapy, and support from a master’s level therapist. The goals of the program include establishing long-lasting recovery from drugs and alcohol and rebuilding a person’s skills to facilitate recovery and reconnection to the community.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

The Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Program serves adults with opioid use disorders in an outpatient setting. The program offers buprenorphine or naltrexone in combination with group and individual therapy, case management and peer support. 


Florida Assertive Community Treatment program provides comprehensive support services to individuals who have severe and persistent mental illness and have had multiple psychiatric hospitalizations. Team members personally deliver a wide scope of services and crisis assessment and intervention 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With most services being provided in the community, individuals who might otherwise be relegated to life-long hospital stays are able to maintain independent living in the community of their choice.

Med Management

The Physician Services Medication Outpatient Program (Med Management) provides medical and clinical support services to individuals with severe and persistent mental illness and co-occurring disorders. The goal is recovery and reconnection to the community. Services include psychiatric evaluation, treatment planning, medication management, nursing services, therapy, and targeted case management.


Family Intervention Services works with families involved in the child welfare system in both Volusia and Flagler Counties who are experi­encing substance abuse and/or mental health prob­lems and are at risk of losing their children. Family Intervention Specialists assess and link clients to treatment/services and provide case management services until the client is engaged in the services.

The Family Intensive Treatment Team is a comprehen­sive in-home treatment and case management program that provides help to families involved with child welfare (DCF/CPC) due to substance misuse in Volusia County. Peer Recov­ery Specialists are also used to provide support and help families connect with the world of positive sober support in their local community.

Case Management*

Adult Targeted Case Management services are provided in an outpatient and home-based setting to assist the individual in gaining access to needed med­ical, social, educational and natural support, and other related services. The goal is to promote independent functioning through coordination of support services.

Primary Care

SMA Healthcare provides a comprehensive set of primary care services. This program provides access to care to improve the quality of community health through an integrated and holistic approach. Services include health screenings, point of care testing, medication management, immunizations, preventative care, and chronic disease education.


NAVIGATE is a comprehensive treatment program for people who have had a first episode of psychosis, a serious condition characterized by a disconnect from reality. The program provides services for up to two years and is for individuals residing in the Volusia County who are between the ages of 15-36 years of age who have experienced their first episode of psychosis.

 The program provides wraparound services to experience recovery and resiliency in a community setting. Treatment is provided by a team of mental health professionals who focus on helping people work toward personal goals and restore functioning to the highest possible level. More broadly, NAVIGATE helps clients and families navigate the road to recovery and resiliency from an episode of psychosis, including getting back to functioning well at home, at work or school, and in society. Services include case management/peer specialist services, ongoing medication management and education, linkage to appropriate services and transportation, individual and family therapy/education, and vocational/educational services. 

*Denotes a Community-Based service

Work Release

SMA Work Release is a private contracted Florida Department of Corrections work release facility. The program allows selected inmates to work for paid employment in the community during the last months of their confinement. Inmates must return back to the facility at the end of each workday. Work Release provides gradual reintegration back into the community, gainful employment, accumulation of savings from paid employment, preservation of family and community ties, culinary courses and participation in self-help programs. Fifty beds are available for outpatient substance counseling.

Food Service

SMA Foodservice is responsible for preparing and delivering breakfast, lunch, and dinner to 10 separate facilities, which accounts for over 1,400 meals per day. The meals are prepared out of Reality House, where the SMA Foodservice staff members are responsible for the clients at Reality House working back in the kitchen. In addition, the clients at Reality House and SMA Work Release are also offered an educational opportunity through the Culinary Arts Program. This affords them instruction in nutrition, restaurant management, food production, dining room apprentice, and the food safety manager certi­fication, which is all accredited through the University of Florida. Some clients, if qualified, can gain certifi­cation through the American Culinary Federation by earning the Certified Culinarian, or the Certified Pas­try Culinarian distinction.

Enrichment Program

The Enrichment Program provides psychosocial rehabilitation and day training for adults with mental illness, developmental disabilities and/or co-occurring disorders. This program was designed to help participants live and work more fully in the community and improve the quality of their lives. Services include screening and job matching, job development, job placement, onsite training assistance, and life-long follow-along services to help the individual maintain employment.

Enrichment Industries provides support to manufacturers and other companies with their light manufacturing, assembling, packaging, and promotional product services at Enrichment in Daytona Beach. We also manufacture our own line of products which are available for sale to the public. Another component is service contracts, which provide janitorial and lawn care services for public and private entities. The goal is to provide quality services while providing employment opportunities for individuals with disabling conditions.


Mental Health First Aid is an eight-hour training certification course which teaches participants a five-step action plan to assess a situation, select and implement interventions, and secure appropriate care for the individual. It introduces participants to risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems, builds understanding of their impact and overviews common treatments.


QPR stands for Question, Persuade, and Refer — the 3 simple steps anyone can learn to help save a life from suicide.


SMA Healthcare is one of the community partners that make Crisis Intervention Training possible, along with the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Flagler, Putnam, St. Johns and Volusia Counties and the Flagler, Putnam, St. Johns and Volusia Counties’ Sheriffs’ Departments. The program is a community effort designed to improve the skills of law enforcement to mental health emergencies with the goal of assuring safety, understanding, and service to the mentally ill and their families.