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Crisis Triage and Treatment Unit

The Crisis Triage and Treatment Unit (CTTU) is a program designed to meet the crisis service needs of Putnam County. Working closely with area law enforcement agencies, individuals in crisis who are in need of support and/or transportation to and from a crisis stabilization stay are served every day from 8 am to midnight.

Mental Health & Substance Use Therapy for Adolescents and Adults

MH Therapy (OP):

Serves children, adolescents, and adults who have a mental health diagnosis. Therapy targets symptoms management, coping skills and improving healthy relationships and quality of life. Services include individual therapy, group therapy, individualized treatment plans and treatment plan reviews all provided by a master’s level therapist. Based on individual preference and family participation in treatment, family educational and counseling services are provided to support the family and quality of life. 

SA Therapy (OP):

Adult Outpatient is for adults 18 years old and older who are participating in DUI, dependency drug courts, probation, and voluntary. AOP Services provide individual therapy, group therapy, individualized treatment plans and treatment plan reviews all provided by a master’s level therapist. Family participation in treatment is encouraged, and family educational and counseling services are provided to support the family in the recovery process. Outpatient services allow the individual to remain active with work, family, and the community while they participate in treatment.

Adolescent Therapy (OP):

Adolescent Outpatient Program services include individual therapy with family involvement. Treatment is specifically directed toward repairing relationships, reducing impulsivity, developing social and life skills, and providing treatment interventions for the youth to remain substance-free. The clients served, receive comprehensive clinical services, which include SA evaluation, treatment planning, group and individual therapy, and support from a master’s level therapist. The goals of the program include establishing long-lasting recovery from drugs and alcohol and rebuilding a person’s skills to facilitate recovery and reconnection to the community.

Opioid Use Disorder Services to Include Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

This program provides activities of prevention, treatment, and recovery to the individuals with an opioid use disorder diagnosis. We provide MAT services to those individuals with an opioid addiction. Other available services include individual and group therapy, case management and aftercare services.

Psychiatric Services

This program provides psychiatric evaluation, nursing assessments and ongoing medication management for the treatment of mental health disorders in children, adolescents, and adults. 

Drop-In Centers

SMA Healthcare’s Drop-in Centers are available to anyone with mental health issues. Drop-in centers provide a safe and supportive place where those struggling with mental health issues can socialize with others, learn new skills, and participate in various activities. The Drop-in Center hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Case Management*

Adult Targeted Case Management services are provided in an outpatient and home-based setting to assist the individual in gaining access to needed med­ical, social, educational and natural support, and other related services. The goal is to promote independent functioning through coordination of support services.


Prevention and Intervention Services are provided to adolescents in all Putnam County Middle and High Schools for those students needing education on substance related issues; or assessment and counseling for substance experimentation and/or use.

Drug Court*

The Putnam Adult Drug Court Operation (PADCO) is a treatment driven, court enhanced substance abuse program for felony offenders. PADCO is a post-plea program that serves non-violent offenders.


Family Intervention Services works with families involved in the child welfare system who are experi­encing substance abuse and/or mental health prob­lems and are at risk of losing their children. Family Intervention Specialists assess and link clients to treatment/services and provide case management services until the client is engaged in the services.

The Family Intensive Treatment Team is a comprehen­sive in-home treatment program that provides help to families involved with child welfare (DCF/CPC) due to substance misuse in Putnam County. Peer Recov­ery Specialists are also used to provide support and help families connect with the world of positive sober support in their local community.

*denotes a Community-Based service