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Outpatient Services

Explore SMA’s Comprehensive Outpatient Care in Florida

At SMA Healthcare, located in the heart of Florida, we are dedicated to transforming lives through comprehensive outpatient substance use treatment programs for those struggling with addiction and mental health disorders. Our mission is to empower individuals and families on their journey to recovery, offering a beacon of hope and a path forward. With a variety of programs created for the unique needs of adults and adolescents, SMA Healthcare empowers individuals on their journey to wellness, ensuring they remain active within their work, family, and community. Whether you’re struggling with substance use or mental health challenges, SMA Healthcare’s outpatient programs offer a flexible, compassionate pathway to wellness.

Why Choose SMA Healthcare?

Choosing SMA Healthcare means opting for a partner committed to your recovery journey. With locations across Florida, our facilities are easily accessible, offering a sanctuary for healing and growth. Our evidence-based programs, delivered by a team of dedicated professionals, ensure that every individual receives the care they deserve in a supportive and understanding environment.

Recovery is a journey, and at SMA Healthcare, we’re here to walk with you every step of the way. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to providing the support you need to reclaim your life from addiction and mental health disorders. By choosing SMA Healthcare, you’re joining a community of compassion, care, and comprehensive support.

Comprehensive Outpatient Services for a Healthier Tomorrow

SMA Healthcare prides itself on a wide array of adult outpatient services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our community. From adults to adolescents, our programs are designed to offer practical, compassionate care for those battling addiction and mental health issues. Here’s a closer look at some of the services we offer:

  • Adult Outpatient Substance Abuse Program
  • Adolescent Outpatient Substance Abuse Program
  • Physician Services Medication Outpatient Program
  • Florida Assertive Community Treatment Program
  • Forensic Comprehensive Community Support Team
  • Family Intervention Services 
  • Family Intensive Treatment Team
  • Adult Civil Targeted Case Management
  • Community/Court Liaison (Outreach) Services
  • Pharmacy
  • Drop-in Centers

Adult Outpatient Program provides substance abuse counseling for individuals participating in the DUI, adult and family dependency drug courts in Volusia, Flagler, and Putnam Counties. Family participation in treatment is encouraged, and family education and counsel are provided to support the family in the recovery process. Outpatient services allow the individual to remain active with work, family, and the community while participating in treatment.

Adolescent Outpatient Program services include individual therapy with family involvement. Treatment is specifically directed toward repairing relationships, reducing impulsivity, developing social and life skills, and providing treatment interventions for the youth to remain substance free.

The Psychiatric Medication Outpatient Program (Med Management) provides medical support services to individuals with severe and persistent mental illness and co-occurring disorders. The goal is recovery and reconnection to the community. Services include psychiatric evaluation, treatment planning, medication management, and nursing services.

Florida Assertive Community Treatment (FACT) program provides comprehensive support services to adults who have severe and persistent mental illness and have had multiple psychiatric hospitalizations. A multidisciplinary team consists of a psychiatrist, nurses, counselors, case managers, and peers, who deliver a wide scope of services and crisis assessment and intervention 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With most services being provided in the community, individuals who might otherwise be relegated to life-long hospital stays are able to maintain independent living in the community of their choice.

The Forensic Comprehensive Community Support Team provides services to persons with severe and persistent mental illness in Volusia and Flagler Coun­ties and who have criminal charges. Support Team services include jail diversion, jail screening, and case management for persons being released from prison or deemed to be Incompetent to Proceed or Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity.

Family Treatment Coordinators (FTC) work with parents involved in the child welfare system who are experi­encing substance use and/or mental health prob­lems and are at risk of losing their children. Family Treatment Coordinators assess and link clients to treatment/services and provide case management services until the client is engaged in the services.

The Family Intensive Treatment Team (FITT) and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) are comprehen­sive in-home treatment and case management program that provides help to parents involved with child welfare (DCF/CPC) due to substance misuse and/or mental health problems. Peer Recov­ery Specialists are also used in the FITT Program to provide support and help families connect with the world of positive sober support in their local community.

FITT Lite provides services to families who have substance abuse concerns, particularly parents of children age 0-1, involved in child welfare. These families have an above average risk for neglect, abuse, and inability to have sufficient resources for food or housing.

Adult Civil Targeted Case Management services are provided in an outpatient and home-based setting to assist the individual in gaining access to needed med­ical, social, educational and natural support, and other related services. The goal is to promote independent functioning through coordination of support services. Services are provided in Volusia, Flagler, Putnam and St. Johns counties.

Community/Court Liaison Services works with outreach workers in Volusia, Putnam and St. Johns counties to assure that assessments and recommen­dations are accurately reported to the courts. These workers also act as a liaison for the courts and other referral sources to help offenders access treatment services within SMA’s service delivery system while providing resources to clients being discharged and in need of follow-up services.

SMA Healthcare’s Pharmacy provides our clients with quick and easy access to medications prescribed by our psychia­trists, physicians, and nurse practitioners. Our Patient Assistance Specialists help clients access new atypical anti-psychotic medications that they otherwise could not afford.

NAVIGATE is a comprehensive treatment program for people who have had a first episode of psychosis, a serious condition characterized by a disconnect from reality. The program provides services for up to two years and is for individuals residing in the Volusia County who are between the ages of 15-36 years of age who have experienced their first episode of psychosis.

 The program provides wraparound services to experience recovery and resiliency in a community setting. Treatment is provided by a team of mental health professionals who focus on helping people work toward personal goals and restore functioning to the highest possible level. More broadly, NAVIGATE helps clients and families navigate the road to recovery and resiliency from an episode of psychosis, including getting back to functioning well at home, at work or school, and in society. Services include case management/peer specialist services, ongoing medication management and education, linkage to appropriate services and transportation, individual and family therapy/education, and vocational/educational services.