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Opioid Response Program – Putnam County


Faced with limited resources and increasing need, SMA Healthcare has taken the lead in Putnam County in bringing together community stakeholders with an interest in improving behavioral healthcare. This page is dedicated to providing helpful information and resources regarding the Opioid Response Program and the Putnam County Behavioral Health Consortium.


Data collection and analysis reveals that Putnam County has had a higher amount of overdose deaths in the past year compared to previous years. The Sheriff’s department has responded to seven overdose deaths, showing a significant increase. According to statewide and county archival data, there continues to be an alarming change in these trends in Putnam County. 

Consortium Updates

The Putnam County Behavioral Health Consortium has been operational since August 2018 and will meet monthly. The goals of these meetings will be to provide updates from the Consortium members, discuss the progress being made in the areas of prevention, treatment, and workforce development, and to seek approval on final products. 

Substance Abuse Providers

There are substance abuse providers in Putnam County, both public and private, and each provider offers a different level of service. This grant creates an opportunity for the Putnam Behavioral Health Consortium to connect our community to the resources they need. 

Additional Resources 

The Putnam County Opioid Response Program is committed to making a lasting change in the community. In addition to the information already provided, there are even more resources that would be of benefit to our community stakeholders.

Resources, Data & Links