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Projects & Events

The Foundation hosts numerous events and activities for support and awareness of SMA Healthcare.

The following are some of the programs and projects donors have supported throughout the past few years to benefit SMA and the communities we serve:

  • Major renovations to the Huger Adolescent Campus at Tiger Bay
  • Modernized outpatient facilities at the Willis Avenue Campus
  • Construction of the Vince Carter Sanctuary, which now houses WARM (Women Assisting Recovering Mothers)
  • New furnishings and program materials for WARM
  • Renovations to the Putnam Outpatient, Detox and Residential Center
  • Professional paint in the RAP program (Residential Adolescent Program), using specialty products able to hold up to a residential setting
  • A padded seclusion room at the Chet Bell Crisis Center used to reduce physical and mechanical restraints of individuals in crisis
  • The Who is Jay? campaign during Mental Health Awareness Month
  • Health & Wellness opportunities for Adult Drug Court participants
  • EKG machine for the Crisis Unit
  • American Culinary Federation Certification Program fees for the culinary arts program at Reality House
  • Incentives for Drug Court programs
  • Van safety equipment and new video technology for the Enrichment Program
  • Video equipment for the MIS team at SMA Healthcare

You Can Make a Difference

The offices of the SMA Healthcare Foundation may be reached by phone at (386) 254-1136 or online via the form below.